Password Cracking - Questionnaire

For my MSc project I am looking at Password Cracking

This project looks at the following things:
  • How people generate passwords
  • What makes a secure password
  • What makes passwords memorable

For this project I am required to find out how people generate passwords.
To collect data I have created the following questionnaire and am asking people to fill it in.
I would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill it in.

As this deals with security and passwords, anonymity will be important to you.
For this reason no data which can identify you is collected and there is no way to connect any information you give about passwords to you as an individual.

Feel free to miss questions out if you do not wish to answer them.

1. How long are your passwords usually?

2. Which of the following do you use as a basis for your passwords?

Random word
A Name (Yours, Family member, Place, etc.)
Number plate
First letters from a phrase
Phone Number
Random string of letters/numbers/characters

3. Which of the following do you use to make up your passwords?

Nothing, just use the wordeg: cat
Add a number/symbol to the endeg: cat1
Add a number/symbol to the beginningeg: @cat
Repeat a wordeg: catcat
Mirror a wordeg: cattac
Reverse a wordeg: tac
Capitalise letterseg: caT
Change letters for numberseg: c8t
Change letters for symbolseg: ca]
Insert numberseg: c5at
Insert symbolseg: ca%t
Use leet speakeg: c/-\t

4. If you change letters for characters or numbers. Which letters would you change and what characters would you change them to?

a: b: c: d:
e: f: g: h:
i: j: k: l:
m: n: o: p:
q: r: s: t:
u: v: w: x:
y: z:

5. How do you remember your passwords?

It's a simple password
It's a short password
It's a hard password but I still manage to remember it
Write it down
Use the same password in different places so only need to remember one
It's been the same for a long time

6. Are there any other ways you have for creating passwords, or any other comments?



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